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My story began as a stylist with a passion for creativity, design and a drive to succeed. As a firm believer in growth and an inner sense of adventure, I have always followed my heart in search of challenge and fulfillment. Like any compelling tale, the ebb and flow of one’s career has brought me down many eventful paths, and given me the experience needed to reach this threshold. 


I am proud to say throughout my journey, I have worked beside some of the best stylists this area has to offer and exposed myself to a diverse palette of education. With every chapter, I learned something new and valuable to add to my repertoire to provide to my client. But something was missing! My desire to create a place, a getaway, an experience lingered on my mind.


After two full years of deep thought, The Glossarie was born. All my thoughts of a dream space and service wrapped up into the perfect gift to share with you. Like reading your favorite book, I encourage you to come escape, and indulge in the relaxation and comfort we all need every now and then.


Here, at The Glossarie, we pamper the inner heroine of your story.